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Merimbula, Australia

Merimbula Marina has been owned and operated by Simon and Jessica Millar since 2008. Whale watching is our passion and in addition to Merimbula we also operate whale watching cruises from Darling Harbour, Sydney for 6 months of the year. We believe in responsible and respectful whale...

Soldotna, Alaska

Alaska Halibut fishing in the Cook Inlet off Anchor Point & Deep Creek near Homer provides incredible non-stop action for huge halibut up to 400lbs. Our day rates vary in cost depending on the time of year you come & on which type of fish you want to catch, & weather you want half day, or...

Aqaba, Jordan

Saves wonderful tours to Petra, Wadi Rum and Jordan with variety of activities, assisting travelers to explore Jordan with authentic local Bedouin charcter through suitable tours for all travelers from all over the world, operated from Aqaba to share our country through travel world


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