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Aromatherapy Oasis


New York




44 W Clinton Ave Roosevelt, NY 11575

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Success of aromatherapy in ensuring an overall well-being is no longer behind the curtain. Here, at Aromatherapy Oasis, we offer classes to educate our pupils about the benefits of aromatic essential oils. From their uncountable health benefits to proper blending techniques; our teaching module sheds a light on everything. With us, students get an opportunity to learn from in-person classes. Our Live classes have been hugely popular amongst the students aspiring to pursue successful career as professional aroma-therapists, in near future. Moreover, students can learn from home, via these classes. Our classes are now available online, where you can sign up for essential-oil classes and learn at your own pace. Our students are provided with study manuals during the classes. From safe usage of aromatic oil to dilution ratio and blending technique, all is available in the manual.

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